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Journey 2022, a journey to the essence of fiber

Travesía 2022, un viaje a la esencia de la fibra

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Our 2022 collection is both a physical and internal journey through places full of color and very rich in textures, with a touch of magical realism. After a time of much learning, we reconnected with our essence and remembered that the best inspiration is ourselves. The macrotrends for 2022 talk about the moments when life changed and we realized that we had to look inside to find our essence. Based on these key concepts, at COMERTEX we launch our Travesía 2022 Collection that takes us on a unique journey where we reconnect not only with ourselves, but also with several of the forgotten places in Colombia. We talk about Arcadio, our guide who pays tribute to José Arcadio Buendía from One Hundred Years of Solitude and with him we are going to explore this colorful world that takes us through Manaure, Tumaco, Nuquí, Tolú, Mompox, among other destinations that remind us the great richness, both in colors and textures, that our country has to inspire fashion.

The versatility of Travesía '22

“One of the important themes of our proposal for 2022 is its great versatility. Our portfolio is always chosen thinking about all the different needs of our clients and what the market is asking for at the moment,” says Juan Camilo González, designer at Comertex. These fabrics, which are part of the Travesía '22 collection, generally serve all types of markets, such as women's, men's and children's markets. “They are multi-segment bases that give many possibilities when designing garments and can even be used not only in clothing, but also for home and decoration products,” says González. For its part, the reference called Manaure is a very special commitment by COMERTEX for this year because it is its star fabric designed for the female market that seeks a lot of comfort and textures that look great on each body. This base is 98% cotton and 2% elastane with technical recovery properties that adapt to any silhouette. “The fashion market seeks to have more and more references for women of all sizes and that is what we want to offer with this portfolio,” says the designer.

Natural finishes

This collection also has two new denim bases in natural finishes, cotton and elastane, and another 100% cotton base that can be used for various garment styles. On the one hand, there is a more rigid texture, which is very popular as a way to return to classic jeans, and another that is a little more comfortable and fits very well on the body. “These two foundations are designed for a niche market that likes that more natural look.”

Basics and textures

Although this collection has 15 new references and a very interesting product development, the COMERTEX basics will always be present, which are fabrics that are very popular and that are very well positioned in the market. “We have fabrics with very rich textures and in whose construction that classic touch of the original denim stands out a lot. This gives a nostalgic air to some of our references, thinking about the style of the 90s and 2000s that are very strong now in trends,” says Juan Camilo González. The collection is also driven by references with special effects in their finishes, such as salt, pepper or acid, which greatly enriches the product when making the garment and giving it a fashion narrative. As for washing, there are fabrics that behave very well during the process because they are almost raw textures in the original construction of indigo (the purest blue) and others that have a special shine. With this collection, we want our clients to embark on that great Journey that goes through the essence of the textures and takes us to the true depths of the fiber. Everything, thinking that 2022 will be the year of reconnection.