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The home of 2022 in four trends

El hogar del 2022 en cuatro tendencias

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The year begins with a new perspective of seeing spaces, thanks to remote learning during the pandemic. Flexibility and adaptability are the words of the moment when it comes to home trends for 2022 . Information and photos: Fashion Snoops The 2022 trends , which point us to the fact that we must have practical solutions when it comes to decorating our spaces and obtaining products that are much more in line with the reality of the moment, seek to innovate through modular design solutions and concepts. that manage to give a feeling of harmony and tranquility. These are, according to Fashion Snoops, four important trends to start the year.

1. Moonlight

The new generations seek to balance various aspects of their lives, from university to work, through their forms of entertainment and the place where they live. The focus is on new essentials and putting aside excessive consumption that is very overwhelming. The idea is to ensure that the design of the spaces and the products used are comforting and can be the escape you want to be able to focus on much more important things. Consumers began to look at their places from a multidisciplinary perspective with a flexible design so that they can adapt to each need. From the comfort of home, excessive consumption and excess are put aside and this 2022 trend , called “Moonlight”, talks about having the essentials. All purchases have a purpose and a specific function because they focus on the utilitarian. Modern design is updated with adaptability. The compositions are dynamic and use soft geometric shapes, which help to have great harmony in spaces that are designed to calm the senses.

2. New ground

A new generation of creatives is looking to the past while designing for the future. Ancient artisanal techniques are reinvented with sustainability in mind. Nature is the guide as you take steps to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles. Natural dyes, earthy colors and sustainable materials set the tone for an existence unified with the planet that sustains us. Coexisting with nature is the most important thing for consumers as they begin to understand how harmful human actions are to the environment. We are learning to live in unity with our planet by incorporating zero-waste materials, sustainable solutions and intelligent design into assortments. We combine the knowledge of our ancestors with current technologies to create a sustainable product rich in heritage. Ancient traditions are given an eco-conscious twist. The need for self-sufficiency has never been more important. Prolonged lockdowns have led people to seek fulfillment in themselves and this new mindset will continue once the pandemic is over. Consumers are turning to slow living practices, such as crafting, gardening and cooking, as a way to reconnect with themselves and nature.

3. Master Class

Amidst the constant chaos around us and technological overload, it has become increasingly important to enjoy the simplicity of one's spaces. Homes become safe havens where well-being is the most important thing and minimalism is sought at all costs. While seeking to be immersed in one's own serene sanctuaries, comfort is found in soft tones and earthy materials. The Master Class brings about a feeling of calm and clarity as young people venture out on their own and move into their first apartments. The design of objects always has an intention, making sure that everything has a purpose. The "less is more" approach eliminates years of overconsumption and focuses attention on meaningful purchases. The palette of this 2022 home trend is relaxing with warm neutral tones. Sage green, fiery clay, blue gray and creamy sand create a rich offering of earthy colors. Sustainable practices lead the way as nature is looked to and inspiration is found in organic fabrications, earth textures and natural motifs. The simple design grounds us and allows us to relax and slow down.

4. Playground

Life becomes a playground. An individualistic style is fully embraced by incorporating fun graphics, intentional mismatches and unexpected color combinations into spaces. As creativity is unleashed, design becomes very fun. Flexibility is key to ensuring spaces are ready for learning, living and socializing. As consumers look for items that reflect their personal styles, artistic expression comes to the fore. Creative freedom comes in all its possible forms. A nod to nostalgia is especially necessary in these uncertain times, offering comfort in familiarity. Energetic color palettes act as mood boosters, bringing joy and excitement to the forefront. The youthful spirit present in bold graphics and experimental color combinations urges us to stay true to a unique style with a fresher perspective on design.