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Denim, 10 seasonal keys

Denim, 10 claves de temporada

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The spring-summer season is coming and with it the denim trends that are going to be the protagonists appear. At COMERTEX we present the ten styles that will give a lot to talk about during the first half of 2022. Source and photos: Fashion Snoops


New times bring new ways to ensure that garments are more connected to the reality of the planet and are assembled or constructed with patchwork techniques that combine different colors and washes. This trend marks a return to artisanal, handmade and reused design. An evolution of the homemade crafts that became popular during the pandemic, this DIY-inspired twist extends to basic denim garments ranging from bell-bottom jeans , from the 70s, to jackets and miniskirts.


Experimenting with finishing effects is the key to this denim trend that tries to give garments a good dose of fantasy. Jeans with floating threads, quilted effects, metallic coatings and prints manage to elevate the seasonal offering and add a futuristic touch to the trend. These innovations include different finishing processes, washes, technological dyeing, special coatings and extreme wear that give a different course to the world of denim and elevate it to a more sophisticated level.


They are the seasonal must-haves and perfect for days of free time. Comfortable, low-waisted and loose in the leg, they serve for informal and casual looks, without looking sloppy. They are very cool for hot climates. This denim trend is key for the transition between pandemic clothing and being a little more formal. Comfort is certainly elevated to work spaces and they are embellished with some design elements such as a blue wash, high hem, light distressing and fading.


Fashion brought back the denim vest to complete informal looks. With diverse styles ranging from vintage inspired by the 70s to avant-garde sleeveless and oversized jackets, this garment adds a good dose of novelty and excitement to traditional jean garments. With additional fashion elements, such as patchwork , decorations or combinations, vests are elements that complement an outfit very well and that this season are essential to have in the closets of fashion lovers.


Several deconstructed silhouettes are part of the most avant-garde denim proposals this season that seek to captivate the youngest. From reworked jean jackets, to asymmetrical folded waists and experimental new cutouts including diagonal slits, insertions of metal structures, mixed techniques, put together pieces and cutouts. This is a time of experimentation in design and as we emerge from the pandemic, a new period of reset gives rise to an aesthetic that aims to push the boundaries of creativity while reflecting the very surreal moments we have experienced.


Bermuda shorts are back and more stylish than ever. The trend, once considered embarrassing, is getting a contemporary makeover, including low-rise ones with exposed “briefs” and embellished pieces. This garment reflects a new mood in fashion that is less fussy and more fun. A great upgrade to cycling shorts and shorts, Bermuda shorts are undeniably cool and feature a much more comfortable fit for the woman on the go.


Glamor is back in full force and extends beyond party dresses to statement denim pieces. Traditional silhouettes like trucker jackets, cropped shorts, and jeans feel glamorous with jeweled embellishments, feathers, sequins, and crystals. An early indication of the shift in everyday glamour, this season's designs confirm that even casual options get an extra dose of sparkle to elevate everyday outfits.


Daring miniskirts are making a triumphant return this season, especially appealing to younger consumers. Playing strongly on the low-rise trend, these minis reveal the hip bones and feature extra youthful details like patchwork, prints and pleated designs. The return of the miniskirt feels appropriate for a post-pandemic launch moment. A staple when it comes to denim with a nostalgic touch that looks very fresh as they are extremely short.


The trend of extremely short hemlines extends to denim mini shorts with the return of the famous hot pants . Micro shorts cut out with a clear low-hip vibe are seen, while others opt for high-waisted ensembles. Fashion's current obsession with revealing, skin-baring designs is driving the trend for ultra-sexy, almost skimpy silhouettes. A fresh update to the traditional cut-off shorts, these styles add newness and excitement to summer lines.


The return of low-rise flared pants was evident on the spring runways, particularly from young contemporary brands. Current interpretations include embroidery, folded hems and buckled belt styling. There is a revival of “bubbly” low-rise denim, including lower waists and flared or boot-cut shapes. This can be attributed to the overall Y2K aesthetic trend, popularized by Generation Z and social media.