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Denim Trends 21/22 - A nod to the 70s and 80s

Tendencias Denim 21/22 - Un guiño a los años 70 y 80

admin |

Without a doubt, the end of year season will have a very nostalgic touch with several references to the decades of the 70s and 80s that range from faded jeans to various collage effects, through unstructured silhouettes and a rescue of looks from life. in the countryside.

Inspired by these two decades, this is some of what we will see in that season.

1.Country life

The love for the countryside, for its quiet life and for what it means at this time to be able to enjoy the outdoors and the simple things in life, will be one of the strongest trends of the end-of-year season. Denim will be seen in all its splendor in various silhouettes typical of this peasant spirit, such as work overalls, high-waisted jeans with wide boots, large jackets to put on top of several other garments, and pants with tighter boots for wear with boots.

2.Faded effects

Everything that comes from previous seasons of use of faded and “dizzy” effects is still very current and in a forceful way. They are worn in the entire look, in pants, in complete dresses and even in skirt and jacket sets. The station will definitely have no fear of this type of finishes inspired by the 70s and 80s.

3.Flare jeans

They are often confused with bell boots, but the difference is that this silhouette widens subtly from the hip, while flared boots go skinny to the knee and then take off in a big flight. The trend greatly highlights that key retro spirit in this note of nostalgia and the shape of these pants are an ode to a dream era.

4.Mixtures and collages

Another of the strong trends that comes from summer is to mix many textures and construct garments with several pieces or patches of fabrics. Now not only is it still valid, but it is completely uncovered and the collages appear, the large pieces that reveal a relaxed, sustainable fashion full of resources to give it the key utilitarian touch these days.

5.Slounchy jeans

If the famous “mom jeans” were very fashionable in previous seasons, now the slounchies have arrived that are looser and have a high waist. It can be said that their relaxed silhouette is much more exaggerated (hence their name) and that, despite being above the waist, they end up going down to the hips due to how large they are worn. This trend recalls the high part of the 80s and even the beginning of the 90s with the arrival of grunge.

6.Straight boot

The traditional and classic straight boot is not left behind during this autumn season and returns in its own right also with some nostalgia and romanticism for previous times. The silhouette has always been present in fashion and is increasingly reinterpreted under the style of each brand or designer. This time it comes with variations in the length of the boot, with some fraying and even with details taken from other trends.

7. Trucker jacket

Arrival of the cultural and musical movements of the 70s, the famous trucker jacket (refers to the truckers who traveled throughout the United States) will be one of the most important garments of autumn. In various versions, styles and designs, it is interpreted many times and with a large number of proposals that adorn it and take it out of the conventional, but always in denim.