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Back to school!

¡El regreso a clases!

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With what has happened in recent times, children's return to in-person classes is a great event today. Fashion knows this and the trends for this time of year's end speak of brightness, lots of color, nostalgic textures, adventure and retro inspiration. These are four stories from the children's world. Facts and photos: Fashions Snoops

1.The first bell

It is inspired by that feeling you experience during the first day of school. This story embraces primary colors and is full of bright bursts. It has a nostalgic touch with a bit of retro silhouettes, perfect for the fall season. The color card mixes those basic tones, such as reds, greens, blues and yellows and plays with them in a very fun way. The drawings go through all the geometric figures such as stripes, squares, circles with some fun signs.

2.Dream moments

The nineties in full are part of this trend that explores that decade full of mystical stories, where purples and reds do their thing. It is based on dreamy memories of the days of after-school gatherings and weekend “sleepovers.” The color chart travels through those purple, orange, reddish, salmon tones with a mixture of yellows and turquoise in very fun contrasts. Prints of flowers, butterflies and various elements of nature play an important role, as do some signs that make us dream.

3. Good vibes

The good vibes that this trend is inspired by come from the nostalgic 70s and the entire time when people talked about love and peace. The retro floral motifs and the revival of some vintage silhouettes and textures that print a quite cheerful and striking spirit. A very nostalgic color palette of pastel tones that recall those wonderful years, as well as the drawings and motifs used that come from the wave of the 70s and all its hippie philosophy that speaks of a heartfelt love for nature.

4.On the road

This story talks about the “new normal” of vacation time in which people focus more on local destinations, on living a true adventure and getting to know places that can be reached by road, avoiding planes and buses. trains. This trend is a journey through the American Southwest and the beautiful art created by the original indigenous residents. The colors are taken from the earth and nature and the drawings are based on ancestral ethnic motifs, giving a very authentic spirit to this trend.