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The four shades of 2022

Los cuatro tonos del 2022

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If you are already preparing your offer for the first half of 2022, here we tell you the colors that you should take into account when designing your collection. These are based on the cultural feelings of new consumers and their emotional needs. It is the new way of relating to fashion. Information and photos: Fashion Snoops


It is the essence and substance that is responsible for giving strength and optimism. It travels through a very powerful earthy range that speaks of the Earth and that key connection with nature. A golden honey color gives us the possibility of traveling through every corner of the world radiating enthusiasm, with a touch of unique exoticism and a halo of key energy to face the year with a lot of positivity. This shade, according to the color experts at Fashion Snoops, speaks of abundance, enlightenment, and wisdom.


It is a warm and cordial tone that reminds us of harmony and health. It is a color that helps revitalize the soul with promises of renewal, revitalization and restoration. In a constant search for consciousness and character, innovating with fundamental elements of growth and prosperity to calm down a little all that uncertainty that surrounds us. Its values ​​are clarity, regeneration and vitality.


It's a breath of relief from the uncertainty of the world that provides light and flexibility when daily life gets a little heavy. It is decidedly cheerful and a kind of sunbath for the senses. This tone is an inherent dream of peace and optimism that provides an overwhelming feeling of splendor and evokes eternal euphoria. According to Fashion Snoops this color is intriguing, sensorial and surreal.


This color is meant to free your imagination and let it fly. It is a super saturated tone that awakens passions and many affections. It motivates us to act on our feelings and simulates our lust for life. In the midst of a charged atmosphere, color emphasizes movements, energy and recognition. It's a rush of emotions and a catalyst to charge up. It's dramatic and exciting and a limitless creative rebirth full of possibilities. The values ​​attributed to him are his ability to adapt to the climate, his way of helping to recharge and proactivity.