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Holidays Expressionism in full color!

Vacaciones ¡Expresionismo a todo color!

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A year that seemed like a rollercoaster of emotions now brings out its caste to reflect a sparkling optimism. These holidays are full of color, bright textures and prints taken from expressionism. It is an ode to life. Information and Photos: Fashion Snoops Fashion will always be an expression of the spirit of the times. This is why, for this new holiday season, the trends speak of optimism, unity, a young spirit that brings new ideas and an explosion of creativity. Artistic expressionism is the order of the day because it is time to get out of that confinement we have been in and celebrate life with everything. It's a way of saying that we're back and now we're recharged. To celebrate in full color!

A visual feast

The era speaks of having a disruptive spirit and looking to the future with hope and a lot of optimism. The changes that have occurred since all this “pandemic madness” began now require expression through art with pictorial strokes and energetic dyes that overflow with creativity. The bright colors that evoke happiness and excitement add a very cheerful touch to the holidays. After so much uncertainty, consumers are looking for designs to be much more daring so that they can experience a true visual feast.

Innovative fabrics

Innovations in fabrics for beachwear and swimwear speak of protection, care and sustainability. Swimwear fabrics emerge with enhanced vacation-ready performance. Materials designed for long hours in the sun favor innovative anti-UV treatments. Other finish and fiber innovations extend the longevity of swimsuit and vacation wear styles, effectively resisting deterioration caused by the environment and pool chemicals. Three-dimensional fabrics are key in very soft constructions and printed effects.

A recharged 2022

Reaching a state of optimal consciousness and with all the intention and unconditional desire to enjoy the hot season, the future is seen in vibrant tones full of striking colors and very vivid prints. Some retro-inspired designs are perfect to wear on high-waisted silhouettes and a little “discreet” when it comes to showing skin. Details are key, such as crosses, ties and gatherings. This holiday trend is energy on the surface, a dose of recharge that comes to tell the world that we are still alive and we want to be happy!!!