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Denim 2022, eight ways to innovate

Denim 2022, ocho formas de innovar

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More than specific trends of what is going to be used, we present the innovations and news that exist regarding the manufacture of denim 2022.

Information and photos: Fashion Snoops

As a way to respond to the needs generated by the pandemic, denim manufacturers have developed protective jeans with antimyocrobial fabrics and rapid disinfection solutions, among many other technological innovations. Among the most important things for denim manufacturing in 2022 are the following:

Back to the essence

Consumers long for the past and denim factories continue to reinterpret the authentic jean look by drawing inspiration from their archives. Moving from traditional old constructions to modern styles, mixtures are becoming essential elements for products made from this material.


Sustainable Denim Manufacturing 2022 initiatives have prioritized recycled yarns, local sourcing and the use of organic or natural fibres. In an effort to achieve products that are 100% sustainable, manufacturers are also limiting the amount of chemicals used, water consumed, and CO2 emissions.

New textures

With colorful weaves, elegant fabrics, ornaments, velvety textures, metallic colors, prints, exciting images and raw edges, the fashion proposals for the denim industry 2022 continue to be innovative and very exciting when exploring new textures and structures for the next season.


In terms of fashion, metallic finishes, raw denim details, wash-resistant black dyes and colored weaves are on the list of highlights for the 2022 season in terms of the most popular fabric in the world. world.

Likewise, in textile developments, the classics that are part of the heritage of this material return, but with innovations that make them look much more. Antimicrobial finishes, the return to natural fibers and high-performance denim complement this menu of innovative proposals from the manufacturers of this material.

These are some of the most important innovations in the denim industry 2022

1. Vintage look

Some of the most innovative fabrics consist of colored shades that create a dynamic vintage look and introduce exciting images and patterns for a cutting-edge look.

2. Antibacterial collection

The industry developed an antibacterial and water-repellent collection that reduces the need for frequent washing by keeping clothes fresh and clean for longer. Sustainable initiatives reduce the amount of chemicals used by 40%, water requirement by 50% and CO2 emissions by 60% in an effort to make conscious material and process decisions.

3. Recycled threads

Another new sustainable concept focuses on recycled yarns, local sourcing and organic or natural fibers such as tencel, modal, linen, hemp and soy protein. The energy necessary for its production processes is provided by wind turbines, solar energy and the use of a process that saves 95% of water.

4. Classic and very comfortable

New offerings of super black jeans and fabrics have been developed that rediscover the consumer need for comfort with softness and performance stretch.

5. Elasticity and high recovery

Fabrics that provide a high level of comfort due to double stretches, power stretches and high recovery features. The idea is to provide the conscious consumer with high-quality engineering materials and innovative constructions.

6. Self-cleaning

The developments of some fabrics have antimicrobial components and self-cleaning properties. These are jeans that require fewer washes, keeping them fresher for longer. Intense washing effects can be obtained with much less water and less chemicals and energy.

7. Sanitation system

Leading denim manufacturers introduced as their latest COVID-19 response, a unique sanitation system with a 98% viral inactivation level, the concept is a useful component for manufacturing or retail facilities. The ozone process reduces water and chemicals to create sustainably disinfected fabrics.

8. Protected skin

Other developments by the most innovative 2022 denim manufacturers have been to use natural chitin as a raw material to protect the skin and improve cell renewal.