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Rooms 2022, intimate sanctuaries

Habitaciones 2022, santuarios íntimos

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Changes in consumer habits explore new ways of seeing spaces for rest. Now, they prefer their rooms to become sanctuaries where relaxing, resting and sleeping well are the priority. Source: Fashion Snoops Photos: Fashion Snoops The home industry has had ups and downs in the wake of the pandemic. Many consumers dramatically changed their traditional approaches to life, work, school and play. And homes became refuges, spaces for well-being and the general safety net to isolate oneself from emotional exhaustion and global malaise. The home industry gained a new level of awareness and popularity and in 2022 intimate spaces are once again prioritized under a lifestyle that focuses on attributes of sustainability, well-being and personal growth. These are the trends in rooms in 2022.

Spaces as sanctuaries

In response to all the external stressors, consumers covet the healing and meditative feelings of a sanctuary. Bedrooms are the most intimate space in the home and require a particular focus on calming and restorative well-being. Now the time that can be dedicated to relaxation and rest is valued much more. This time has become a form of resistance and the most powerful evolutionary tool for community healing.

The aesthetics of the sanctuary

Creating a strong feeling of security is very important in the design of rooms. Making the room a sanctuary supports overall well-being. Meditative sleep environments help create feelings of calm in relaxing spaces. Transforming rooms with a relaxing aesthetic expands the effort to recreate hospitality experiences at home. Having a relaxing retreat in your own home feels like a staycation.

sleep is sacred

In 2022, the fact that sleep is sacred is valued: more is invested in good mattresses, clean textiles free of toxins and accessories that promote good sleep hygiene. Consumers are looking for home products that create a bedroom environment that supports consistent daily routines. Maintain a consistent schedule, make a cozy nest and dedicate different spaces to technology to have good sleep hygiene.

Meditation bedrooms

Turning the bedroom into a meditative and healing wellness space will continue to be a popular trend, as it allows many consumers to work with what they already have and go from there. Aromatherapy devices, meditation apps, and small wearable technology effortlessly elevate the space without putting a dent in consumers' pockets. Homeowners are now especially sensitive to products that enhance and minimize sensory triggers in the bedroom.

Toxic-free bedding

Bedding free of harmful chemicals, toxic dyes and microplastic polluting synthetic fibers is essential for consumers. As they embrace holistic perspectives on well-being, textiles in homes meet new standards of sustainability and well-being.