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The year in four reasons

El año en cuatro motivos

admin |

We continue with our round of trends for this year and now it is the turn for the graphic part. Drawings, paintings, portraits, hearts, artistic expressions, animals and a return to classic prints mark the motifs of this season. Source and photos: Fashion Snoops


Prints from previous collections were seen on the catwalks, which allowed the patterns to acquire a second life as a way to enter the wave of sustainability, while proposing a spirit of rebellion. Thoughts about social, cultural and global identities take on new strength and activism jumps from protest signs to clothing, showing that we have a voice that we want to be heard loudly. For their part, graphic prints reappear but this time focused on showing people's faces. Brands reinforce their logos and images as a way to reactivate their identity, food appears in some drawings, the sports world is exhibited in drawings, hearts are the order of the day and ropes and chains, coming from the marine world, return to be protagonists.


The pandemic brought some good things such as the fact that artistic expression was reborn and we returned to topics such as DIY and experimentation with dyes from more sustainable origins. Painted patterns, splatter looks, and brushstroke-inspired illustrations refresh creative discovery. Common objects become protagonists of “still life” and we approach art in a more everyday way. The catwalks presented this artistic expression practiced in quarantine through the collections that were seen, with garments that reflect the canvases as wearable modern art. A sense of freedom and creative liberation allowed the patterns to find a looser illustrative style. Faded effects, illustrations, printed photography, more disruptive motifs are present this season in a very important way.


Classic plaid compositions adapt to seasonal coordinated silhouettes, enhancing traditional designs with crisp refinement and allowing classic, timeless prints to take on modern appeal from head to toe. Deep-rooted nostalgia applies traditional patterns like stripes, checks, polka dots and tartan to modern silhouettes, rewriting classic designs with a youthful approach in head-to-toe ensembles and highly feminine constructions. Neutral tones maintain simple prints that lean towards a relaxed and calm style, while brighter and bolder drawings approach the most basic garments. Thick lines, squares in all their versions, checkered drawings, color blocks, geometric constructions, the traditional gallinet, pinstripes and large polka dots are the order of the day in this season's collections.


Our inner wild side finds this season a release among untamed animal prints, with an electric pulse that takes our jungle instincts to the streets for a quick jolt of fierce attitude. This season's animal prints brought us one step closer to the outdoors as wild inspirations moved from reptiles to classic leopard prints with a very modern twist. The graphics add a playful appeal, while the neon injections create a stimulating cheerful and very exotic mood.