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All clothing items are characterized by their fabrics and some are usually exclusive for a type of product, however, there are times when certain fabrics that we believe should only be used for a certain garment end up standing out unexpectedly, this is the case of Flannel Fleece fabric, which although it is generally used for making blankets , is usually a perfect fabric for different garments. Why does this occur? At Comertex we tell you.

What fabric is Flannel Fleece and what are its common uses?

Flannel Fleece, or also called peach skin , is a fabric that is characterized by being a knitted fabric that has a plush or fleece finish, in the same way its fibers are made from polyester , they can be found in multiple presentations, whether unicolor or printed .

It is commonly used in garments such as blankets , cushions and even stuffed animals . Due to its plush finish, it is usually used for these products because, being very soft, it provides warmth and comfort at bedtime, but its temperature is regulated. and does not come to harass in heat. Another aspect to highlight about Flannel Fleece fabric is that its fibers prevent the proliferation of mites.

Is Flannel Fleece exclusive to blankets?

Flannel Fleece fabric, although its use is very popular in blankets, is also often used in making clothing .

Thanks to its plush finish, it can be used in the production of outdoor garments such as coats , hats and jackets , ideal for cold weather. This fabric can also be used for children's lines such as costumes , rompers , pajamas , cushions and teddies ; or home clothes such as lifting robes.

One of the advantages of this fabric when it comes to making are its compounds, as it is a 100% polyester fabric, a whole variety of designs can be applied to it through sublimation , which is a clothing technique that allows you to make patterns. and prints.

Flannel Fleece is not limited to clothing, the versatility of this fabric can even be used in upholstery , as it can be used in some types of furniture , rugs and carpets .

What should I take into account when making with this fabric?

Due to its characteristics, some recommendations must be taken into account when making a garment with this plush material:

The measurements: Flannel Fleece, despite its softness, is at the same time a thick fabric, so it is not recommended to use it for tight clothing , as it will be very uncomfortable to wear. This recommendation also applies when making dolls . Because you must ensure that the fabric is proportional to the filling that is going to be added.

Analyze whether rubberizing is required: since this fabric is not recommended for use in tight-fitting garments, rubberizing is usually required, especially in the manufacture of hats , since these must fit the head and therefore be It needs rubberizing to prevent the seams from tearing.

Be careful with waste: all fabric in its manufacturing process needs to be cut, but when carrying out this action there is always waste of said material. In the case of Flannel Fleece, the waste is usually in the form of lint that can even adhere to garments, so care must be taken and the clothing must be made in an orderly manner.

Sew it with the appropriate machines: to make garments with Flannel Fleece or with fabrics that have similar characteristics, it must be taken into account that the machine is equipped and of course allows this garment to be sewn. The use of thin needles and machines such as filleters is recommended.

Sublimation: if you want to sublimate a Flannel Fleece garment, the hairs on the fabric must be organized so that the print appears correctly.

Make with a lot of love: of course you have to have a lot of attitude and let your imagination fly when designing and creating garments, whether with Flannel Fleece or any other textile. Remember that you can purchase Flannel Fleece in our Comertex Stores nationwide.

Flannel fleece in sustainable design

Sustainable design is increasingly gaining more prominence in the world of fashion where it seeks to give a new meaning to disused fabrics and garments , of course Flannel Fleece is no exception.

This fabric has a long durability due to its thickness, however this fabric can be reused in other garments, this in order to extend its useful life, especially its use in cushions made from blankets or disused clothing items. .

In conclusion, Flannel fleece can be classified as a functional and multifaceted fabric that ranges from being made into blankets to the world of upholstery. Its long durability and softness make it one of the preferred fabrics on the market and above all one of the highest quality.

At Comertex you find the best in fabrics to create resistant and durable garments so you can present your collections to the world. Purchase Flannel Fleece fabric in our stores, you can also participate in our Sabertejido clothing workshops where we make garments with Flannel Fleece. Receive personalized advice through our WhatsApp at 314-41130-65 or see our catalog at www.comertex.co