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Clothes accompany us every day, we use them taking into account trends, climate and of course functionality. An item of clothing that accompanies us almost every day is work clothing, since for some tasks it is essential to have appropriate clothing , either for protection or for representation of the brands in all areas. This is why Comertex , through its TRU brand, has created a line of design and manufacturing of work clothing for companies. Discover this new service on our blog and what we take into account when making uniforms for work .

What is the workforce like, its types and characteristics?

Work equipment or work clothing is a clothing requirement established by a company with its collaborators in order to be able to properly perform a job or also to position the brand or image.

There are all types of business equipment but this usually varies depending on the job or trade, one of the most common is seen in the engineering industry where employees must wear overalls , since these protect them from factors such as burns, tears, stains of paint or substances, among others.

Other of the best-known clothing is in the health area and in cleaning tasks, which generally consist of garments with an anti-fluid fabric that allows workers to carry out their work and prevent stains or coming into contact with contaminated fluids.

In other jobs, a staff is not required at all, but for reasons of functionality and brand identity, companies decide to use a staff. Every day it is more common to see employees wearing long-sleeved blouses or shirts with their company logo embroidered.

Is it mandatory to implement the labor provision?

For some jobs it is mandatory to implement it, since the tasks to be carried out can compromise the integrity and health of its workers, which is why in tasks such as medicine, maintenance trades, and heavy work it is essential to carry these. uniforms. In the case of executive tasks it is optional but they decide to use it, since it not only serves to position the brand of a company but also helps to generate a sense of belonging and saves resources compared to going to work with private clothes.

Although the labor allowance is optional for some jobs, in fact it becomes an employee's right, this occurs if the employee earns more than 2 SMML, the labor allowance that consists of a pair of shoes and a work dress .

What type of fabrics do we work with?

Work clothes usually vary depending on the profession. At TRU we have extensive experience in handling fabrics and we know which ones are most suitable for making uniforms. However, these are the most common:

Denim : overalls are generally made for operational work thanks to its resistance and comfort. We also work with this fabric in the production of shirt and pants sets, in planters , among others.

An essential fabric is the anti-fluid fabric that is composed of fibers such as Polyester , it is used in health areas and in cleaning tasks, since it repels splashes of any fluid, they are resistant, light and hypoallergenic .

Other essential fabrics are Drill in the production of overalls and pants , Género or Dacron fabric that are usually used in the production of shirts.

What do we take into account when making our uniforms?

Making clothes has its own procedure, but in the case of business clothing, multiple aspects must be taken into account:

The brand: the institutional colors must be taken into account and based on this we design the garments where we make sure that the uniforms are consistent with the brand image.

Sizes: it is very important to take the sizes into account and define them with the company in order to have the uniforms standardized.

The service: for us at TRU it is very important to maintain active communication with the company during the design, manufacturing and after-sales process.

What do companies look for when making a uniform?

It is very common to find the clothing in some stores already ready, all that remains is to include the brand logo, but on some occasions companies seek to make a personalized supply , or they do not usually find certain sizes for some employees, the fabrics do not last as long as expected, Inter alia.

This is why the TRU line of uniforms and work clothes was born in which a service is provided that involves the fabrics to be used, personalized designs of the equipment are made, it is made depending on the sizes and a top quality product is delivered by experts in textiles, design and clothing.

The TRU line of uniforms and work clothes also has a consulting service when designing the uniforms in which the most appropriate in terms of branding and functionality is determined and after-sales service is offered.

In conclusion, labor provision is very important as a protection mechanism and generation of a sense of belonging and positioning. This is why today companies are more interested in clothing, but they require personalized and high-quality products.

At Comertex you find the best in fabrics for work equipment, you also have the TRU line for uniforms and work clothes if you want quality design and garments. Receive personalized advice through our WhatsApp at 314-41130-65 or see our catalog at www.comertex.co