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Why does fashion work seasonally?

¿Por qué la moda funciona por temporadas?

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The world of fashion is very changing and at the same time striking, it constantly reinvents itself and shows us a variety of garments of all kinds, however, generally the latest trends and collections are presented through the so-called “ seasons ” that are They are divided into Spring Summer and Autumn Winter . What is this about? At Comertex we tell you.

What are seasons in fashion?

The seasons in the fashion industry are a system that divides the year to present the collections. In general terms, the garments in each collection adapt to the climate of the time of year and the 4 seasons are used in 2 groups to present them: spring-summer and autumn-winter.

To prepare a collection, at least a period of 6 months in advance is needed in which designers and clothing makers make an overview of the trends and thus anticipate creating their designs .

Spring Summer

The spring summer season is the first of the year and one of the most anticipated, it is characterized because the collections of this time present colorful garments, fabrics printed with floral motifs, very light and comfortable such as: skirts , blouses , dresses , etc

Autumn Winter

The autumn winter season is distinguished by being more sober, unlike Spring-Summer, in winter we appreciate dark colored garments, the most common clothing in this time of year are coats , trench coats , vests , jackets, lifting robes and accessories such as scarves .

Are collections only presented during these times of the year?

Commonly, fashion collections are presented through seasons, this system has remained this way for many years, but in the mid-80s fashion houses began to present very distinctive garments in a kind of “sub season”, likewise. Fast fashion gave rise.

Pre fall

Pre fall is a sub-season in which functional garments are presented in which summer garments are seen with the style of autumn, generally the collections of this time of year are commercial in nature and have affordable prices compared to the two main seasons.


Resort cruise is a transition from summer to autumn, although they can be called timeless garments , since they are very comfortable and relaxed with a sporty and nautical touch.

fast fashion

Since the 90s, some fashion houses began to challenge the seasons as we know them today, where they began to launch their collections more often, thus creating the concept of Fast Fashion .

As the years went by, fashion became increasingly faster that it has even reached the point of launching a new collection every week, thus having 52 collections a year, this going hand in hand with the trends that emerge every week, in especially on the Internet. Thanks to fast fashion, people are buying more and more clothes, according to figures from the World Resources Institute (WRI), which estimates that today we buy 60% more clothes than in 2000.

Despite the increase in sales, fast fashion has had harmful consequences for the planet, since with the accelerated and mass production of clothing, considerable amounts of CO2 have been released into the atmosphere and an increase in clothing waste. In 2017, the forum for sustainability in fashion Global Fashion Agenda and the American consultancy The Boston Consulting Group published a report in which they estimate that in 2015 the fashion industry was responsible for the generation of 1,715 million tons of emissions. CO2 equivalent, from the consumption of 79,000 million cubic meters of water and the production of 92 million tons of waste. They also estimated that if the fashion industry does not change its processes, these numbers will increase by 50% by 2030.

Due to the environmental impact of fast fashion, starting in 2020 some renowned fashion houses began to return to the conventional Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter system. In addition, some companies have begun to implement sustainable fashion processes in which they use environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

Why is it important to have seasons in fashion?

Basically the clothes we use are needed for each certain time of the year, in the case of countries where there are seasons they need warm clothes for the cold weather, loose and cool clothes for the summer and likewise clothes that resist other conditions such as humidity, among other environmental factors, so it is crucial to have seasons in the world of fashion for functional reasons for the consumer.

Likewise, the creative team behind a collection needs time to be able to capture and make their garments, so the 2 seasons and the time between them is ideal for producing quality haute couture .

However, with the rise of fast fashion, immediacy is needed to launch a weekly or biweekly collection, which is a titanic task in itself, with such a high environmental footprint that it is necessary to return to the system of 2 annual seasons.

In conclusion, fashion has been constantly transforming and challenging, not only in garments but in its temporality, although pre-collections or fast fashion have meant novelty, the most effective and sustainable way to present a collection continues to be with the Spring- Summer fall Winter.

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