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2022 style home

Hogar al estilo 2022

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Many things changed as a result of the pandemic and one of them was that a great awareness was awakened to have harmonious places and to inhabit sensory and utilitarian spaces in which needs can be met, without losing the essence of home. Photos : Fashion Snoops Information : Susana Botero (Comertex trends researcher) and Fashion Snoops. Talking about a 2022 home is thinking about many things that perhaps were not taken into account before. “It is a house with new roles in which we seek to have an immersive experience with the use of visual stimuli and experience sensations that were not so important before. We want to have experiences in the living room, plans in the kitchen, adventures in the gardens. We seek comfort and relief with places that revitalize us. In Colombia this is very important because we like to live our spaces,” says Susana Botero, trends researcher at Comertex. From all this three themes emerge that are fundamental for what is coming next year: human beings, nature and technology. There are three key aspects that will take center stage in 2022 homes and that, according to Fashion Snoops, can be summarized in these trends for the first half of the year.


Surrealism enters the home. A combination of two worlds that seem opposite such as “excess” and “essential” and when mixed, a trend appears that speaks of a quite charming serenity. Being well and being happy are two states that must be constantly evolving and subject to those who perceive it. The spaces reflect that feeling. Objects adopt a chameleon-like existence and what is important is joy, pleasure and comfort, which become indicators of what is truly valuable. Here the color palette is very sensory and relaxing. Minimalism appears as a way to create a calmer environment that is not dictated by rawness but by emotional connection. The result is a sanctuary, a true oasis of tranquility. The most outstanding
  • Technology is integrated into the decoration and accessories with impeccable design elements. The details can in turn be utilitarian and have some benefits such as tracking health or accessibility. Homes are collective shelters. Sanctuaries rooted in wellness and mindfulness are created, resulting in a minimalist and relaxing aesthetic. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, consumers are looking for products that provide comfort, whether physically with soft fabrics or fluffy comforters or with products that give a sense of calm. Escapism becomes a necessity. Softening colors and comfortable textures will take center stage. Now, more than ever, we are focused on products with mood-enhancing qualities. It's essential to rethink home goods as consumers gravitate toward pieces that give them the emotional relief and sensory comfort they crave.


An eclectic meeting of personal craftsmanship with thoughtful simplicity. The subtle details do not go unnoticed and the “imperfections” of handmade work add invaluable charm to any type of object. Crafts such as glass blowing, ceramic making and woodworking are brought to the forefront, updated by the modern eye and innovation, as consumers seek items with purpose and history. Quilting, weaving, and painting are redefined and reinvented by creators seeking storytelling. It is the careful and finely honed creation process that reminds us of a simpler way of living. We embrace the importance of community and branding that which has been carefully crafted just for us. Stay-at-home orders around the world have led to an increase in crafts. Consumers not only create and express themselves at home, but also appreciate handmade products with a unique feel. Time-honored processes and individualized details add value to the consumer. The most outstanding
  • A need is awakened to be more self-sufficient. From planting gardens to baking bread, consumers carry these hobbies with them for years to come. A new appreciation for inherited traditions was awakened. New age interpretations of glass blowing, ceramic making and woodworking come to the fore. The pandemic has made clear how important community is. There is a return to community life and a longing for deeper connections with the people around us. This has resulted in a broader appreciation of design. The desire to return to a life rich in hobbies has slowed down and valued quiet, uncomplicated moments.


It embodies what it means to be reborn in the eyes of nature. Truth, beauty and freedom are interconnected in this refreshing paradise full of natural wonders. After months of being locked up, our relationship with Mother Earth changed and we understood that it is essential for well-being and we began to work together with her systems to promote mutual improvement. Its lush jungles, exotic flora and lively ecosystems serve as inspiration. Warm sunset tones envelop a variety of earthy textures, while boldly crafted designs echo a strong desire to live life to the fullest. We celebrate and respect everything around us. Stay-at-home orders around the world have led to an increase in crafts. Consumers not only create and express themselves at home, but also appreciate handmade products with a unique feel. Time-honored processes and individualized details add value to the consumer. The most outstanding
  • Consumers now have a greater understanding of the impact of sustainability. Experiments with naturally derived fabrics and coverings shed light on how luxury and eco-design can actually coexist. There is a greater understanding of how important nature is for future generations and how we must make changes for a healthy future. There is a new appreciation for all natural elements, which inspire graphics and the manufacture of objects. Learning to adapt to what we have is now our routine. We expect a push to seek security in self-sufficiency, translating into products that provide multifunctional design qualities. This overall lifestyle shift sparks a natural metamorphosis that transcends into a palette of tropical earth tones: rusty neutrals find harmony with spring hues of green that radiate new life. Paradise is found in this lush palette.


A new form of self-expression paves the way for our awakening. As society divides into diverse subgroups uniting around rethinking time-worn systems and seeking smarter solutions. This cultural divergence lends itself to contemplating the meaning of liberation; As individuals take the initiative to think and act creatively, by designing their own products for themselves, they explore a new kind of creative freedom. Bold, loud and a little brutal, this awakening fuses the serious with the curious. Sleek, athletic silhouettes meet artfully constructed versions of everyday items, a duality that feels fun and purposeful. New iterations of usefulness will manifest themselves out of necessity rather than novelty. While utilitarianism is often implemented in design for aesthetic purposes, the need for utility will make it no longer an afterthought. The most outstanding
  • Statement graphics and experimental fabrications encourage us to express ourselves through progressive ideas and unrestricted creativity. An individualized spirit prevails in space designs and consumers rewrite the rules to better suit their personal styles. The need to be heard has been strengthened and we are urged to use our voice to take a stand. A collective message of positivity is spread through upbeat icons and upbeat graphic statements.