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Men's denim becomes trendy

El denim masculino se tiñe de moda

admin |

We present the men's denim trends for the next season. Men are increasingly using more color, more textures, more effects on fabrics and more shine in their looks. Source and photos: Fashion Snoops

1. Simple sophistication

The denim of the autumn season is updated with more elaborate designs, but without always losing the comfort inherent in the simplicity of basics. Jeans are elevated to a more refined category and are used in more formal looks. Among the great proposals seen in this trend are black dyed jeans, pale blues, washed gray and cotton in its purest state. Likewise, the silhouettes are worn “tailored” paying tribute to the sartorial world.

2. Textures

Different textures find new purpose in an expressive use of threads, stitches, rips and significant reuse of patchwork, as highlighted in this trend. A new aesthetic emerges from consumers who become aware of the richness of craftsmanship, inspiring denim looks with attractive textures and a version of a more melancholic aesthetic. Here we see frayed, embellished denim, with prints, in mixes of various textures and in patchwork and jacquard fabric.

3. Outdoors

Influenced by the gorpcore aesthetic (the clothing of mountaineers and hikers), denim takes on a more functional look. Inspired by the natural environment, earth tones are the order of the day and the finishes are equipped with designs designed to resist wind, water or abrasion. Silhouettes explore oversized cuts for a warmer intent. Obsessed with the outdoors post-pandemic, consumers are gravitating toward utility and more functional material approaches. The trend features denim in earthy, medium blue, structured and vintage tints.

4. Vibrant art

Noting the shift toward unexpected design offerings, youthful denim styles juxtapose combinations of prints, colors and textures to create something entirely new. The new offerings create quite attractive effects, such as waxed denim and synthetic prints that look like leather. The proliferation of digital tools and virtual adaptations manifest in striking results that challenge perceptions of jeans looks, both in the virtual and real world. Bleached, bright denim, vibrant, colored indigos, faded effects and a sense of “sweetened” textures run through this trend to achieve truly innovative looks.