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Choosing the decoration of our home is a significant challenge. It must reflect our personality and a variety of tastes, which makes it not an easy task. For this reason, in this blog we will provide you with some tips to follow if you are thinking of decorating your favorite spaces with neutral tones:

  1. Color palette: Use different shades of white, beige, gray and cream on bedding and towels. This creates a feeling of calm and chromatic harmony in the interiors.
  2. Subtle Contrast: If you're looking for a touch of visual contrast, choose subtle accents in darker or lighter tones within the same neutral color palette. For example, if your room has white walls, consider using pillows or blankets in the beige color palette.
  3. Natural textures and materials: In a minimalist environment, textures and materials play a crucial role. Opt for bedding and towels made from cotton to add an interesting visual dimension without sacrificing simplicity.
  4. Clean geometric designs / Scandinavian decoration: In minimalist spaces, opt for clean and simple geometric designs. These styles can be subtle and complement without generating visual excess in your spaces.
  5. Shades in furniture: In areas such as living rooms, it is essential to keep only the essential and functional elements. Select furniture in simple tones that blend harmoniously with the walls and bedding.
  6. Neutral lighting: Adequate lighting is essential to achieve visually pleasant spaces. Opt for soft, warm lights that create a serene and neutral atmosphere.
  7. Effective organization and storage: Keep the space organized and tidy to highlight the aesthetics of your home. Use closed storage solutions, such as boxes, to convey a sense of cleanliness and visual order.
  8. Touches of color in neutral environments: If you are looking to add life and freshness to your spaces, add potted plants. Green plants provide a connection with nature and add touches of color without overwhelming the environment.

Remember that the key to decorating bedding and bathrooms with neutral colors is simplicity. Less is more in all the styles you want to implement in your home. By following these trends, you will achieve a relaxing, orderly, visually attractive environment and, above all, that will reflect your personality.

Find everything you need to start decorating your favorite spaces with this minimalist style in our physical stores and on our website: www.comertex.co