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Discover the new trends to create more pleasant spaces in your home!

¡Descubre las nuevas tendencias para crear espacios más amenos en tu hogar!

Comertex online |

Over time, our homes have become our safest refuge.
important, so it is essential to transform them into welcoming and

One of the favorite places in the home is the shower routine, especially when
We disconnect with the world when taking a shower, which today
day we call the bathing ritual. These have been practiced throughout history by
diverse cultures as a way of purification, relaxation and disconnection from the
outside world.

Today, people see the importance of self-care, not just focusing
in physical hygiene, but in spiritual and emotional cleansing. Using salts
bath, essences and other flavoring products that can provide a connection with
nature, incorporating elements such as candles that contribute to having a
comfortable and revitalizing bathing experience through the outdoors

Being in contact with urban nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration,
Having elements or designs that resemble gardening at home can stimulate
creativity and imagination.

This is how minimalism continues to be a strong trend, but with a focus
warmer and more welcoming. Opt for linen decorative sheets and bedspreads
simple and thick modern craftsmanship, eliminates the unnecessary, improving
open and clear spaces inspired by nature. The new Garden collection
Secreto de Tru experiences soft colors and neutral palettes that convey calm and

Our finished products such as sheet sets, duvets and blankets are
covered in wildflowers in pastel colors, creating a vibrant and full atmosphere
of energy that will transport you to an enchanted forest every time you are in your
room. These prints evoke the feeling of being in the middle of the
nature, creating a special connection with the environment that surrounds you.

Another product that is at the forefront is the indigo Denim Jean fabric #19-3064 TCX
Known for its durability and versatility, it is not limited to just fashion, now you can
Bring it to your bed to create a contemporary environment with an urban touch.
It will transform your bedroom into a modern space with character. Discover how the
Casual and chic style of denim can make your bed the center of attention in
Your room. Give a touch of fashion to your rest!

At Comertex we have the perfect complement for a night of comfort and softness
with tactile sensory fabrics, which we call peach skin. These fabrics have
the power to transform any space due to its velvet design that invites you to
rest by resting your head on a cushion textured with soft and
fluffy, feeling of warmth that completely envelops you.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every detail of our products.
We use carefully selected materials that are reflected in
our fabrics, prints and embroidery. Meeting the highest
standards of softness, durability and comfort. Each fabric has been chosen for
Provide you with maximum skin-friendly satisfaction.

If you need additional information, our team will be available to respond to
all your doubts and explain features and benefits of our products. Yeah
If you are interested in knowing our materials, sizes or colors, you can
Call 314 411 3065 or view our virtual catalog at www.comertex.co