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Fashion trends of the second semester, what awaits us?

Tendencias en moda del segundo semestre, ¿qué nos espera?

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2022 is coming to an end and at the same time the autumn-winter season begins, which brings us all kinds of new clothing to close this year in fashion . That is why on this occasion at Comertex we will present you some of the garments that will set the trend in recent months.

Children's Fashion

Children's fashion continues to diversify, in 2022 we witnessed trends such as linen garments, the inevitable denim and streetstyle . In the autumn-winter season for girls, garments will arrive in vibrant colors inspired by fruits and vegetables with prints that convey joy in the middle of a garden or orchard; In the same way we will see the return of pump shirts and airy shorts .

In the case of children, their clothes will be impregnated by an urban streetstyle style where jackets and coats stand out.}

Elegance and comfort take the lead

This year-end season we will see casual and elegant style garments that offer comfort and functionality. In women's fashion we can see nap dresses , inspired by Victorian and bohemian fashion, mini shirt dresses with draping or knots and the shirt jacket .

For gentlemen it is no exception, casual and elegant clothing for all times arrives at the end of the year, the main options are carrot pants , pants that offer classic and formal comfort, skinny pants in case you prefer tighter pants, Bermuda shorts . long ones if you are looking for a more urban style, shorts if you prefer a more elegant appearance and in the same way there are anorak jackets with removable hoods.

The figures return to the clothes

Geometry has always been reflected in the world of fashion, from the classic checkered dress to dotted shirts. By the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 we will see the resurgence of this type of clothing.

The classic Scottish shade arrives not only in shirts but also in dresses, likewise block dresses return to the shelves and points in shirts, skirts, dresses and jackets, whether in black, blue or white.

2023 arrives with surprises

Next year it is already taking its first steps in the industry with a variety of styles in garments, textures and colors, where the warm earthy and botanical types stand out in particular:

Wild: Next year we will see garments that seek to highlight human work, what is pure and ethical, through artisanal styles, warm colors where the garment with fabrics stands out.

Cargo: Garments arrive with a characteristic cargo pocket. Shirts, patchwork dresses and wide boot pants will especially stand out with this style.

Slouchy : This style consists of loose garments that are usually combined with handmade stones as accessories. The garments are mostly in earthy and warm colors, ideal for their comfort and elegance.

Crossover: Dresses are a must in closets, so next year we will be able to see a variety of these garments in midi styles and crop tops where the waist is highlighted.

In summary, we will have a very interesting autumn winter season where warm colors rule the roost, likewise in 2023 we will have a variety of casual and elegant styles to choose from, there will undoubtedly be very new looks.