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Denim has become an essential fabric in our clothing, its quality and durability make it ideal for all types of garments . This 2022, clothing in this characteristic material has had an interesting rebound in sales until it is part of one of the main fashion trends of the year. What is your outlook this season and your future projections? At Comertex we will tell you.

Denim continues to rise

The increase in sales of garments with this type of fabric is due in part to trends such as urbanization and the casual look that since the pandemic has gained ground among consumers and of course sustainability , since recently multiple clothing manufacturers have begun to market garments. with reused denim. According to estimates, and if the numbers hold, it is expected that the demand for jeans by 2026 will be more than 76 billion dollars, representing an increase of 4.8% in sales from 2020.

The most outstanding:

Denim cannot be classified solely as a type of jean for denim pants, in recent years we have seen how this fiber can be adapted to all types of garments and even accessories.

Oversized: baggy takes over the shelves

Oversized garments have been gaining ground lately and highlight comfort as one of consumers' priorities when it comes to clothing . At the end of the year, with the rise of denim, you can see interesting proposals such as the “ Head-to-toe ”, which consists of a dress made up of shirts mixed with skirts or oversized jackets . Other garments such as baggy or loose silhouettes also stand out, women's shorts and pants such as split flared and flared pants.

Dressy Workwear, casual and sophisticated functional garments:

Denim is one of the most used fabrics for work clothes ( overalls , clothing , aprons , etc.), especially in sectors linked to engineering, since clothing made with this fiber has greater resistance to heat and possible tearing. , so it is one of the safest to be used in this type of work, in the same way, denim, despite being very resistant, provides comfort to those who use it, which is why it is generally classified as a functional fabric .

Dressy workwear are a type of garment that is characterized by being made with recycled fabrics , in this case denim, although it is usually complemented with other fibers such as hemp and lyocell , generally presented as shirts , jackets and sets . The fabric of these garments has the particularity of having rustic and irregular surfaces.

Nature and its textures

Fashion has always sought to have a connection with nature, we have demonstrated this with sustainable fashion and of course in aesthetics . Nowadays there are more consumers who want to raise awareness about the wealth of craftsmanship, so today we can see garments with textures that resemble flowers, foliage, leaves and of course colors.

In fashion that seeks to represent nature through colors and textures , denim in earthy colors particularly stands out where nuances between brown, gray and green can be seen. They are also complemented with a rustic-looking garment where we see frayed denim, contrasts geometric and colorful with patchwork scraps and accessories on pockets , knees and waists with embroidery that resembles nature.

Denim is not just for clothing

Denim is not exclusive to clothing, thanks to awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry, it has been rethinking how to reduce pollution, which is why other types of clothing have been created such as upcycling that seeks to extend the useful life of garments and fabrics alike, not only in clothing but also in accessories such as bags, and even in sheets, cushions, pillows and even sofas, this being an interesting environmental alternative, especially for the use of furniture, since the manufacture of upholstery is one of the most polluting.

In conclusion, denim is just a functional fabric with which you can represent all types of garments with textures, colors and of course not only in clothing, which explains its rise in this year in which every day there are more consumers than They seek conscious fashion and of course migrate towards sustainable consumption.