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The 15 pieces to remember from BFW22

Las 15 piezas para recordar del BFW22

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Whenever there is a Fashion Week there is talk about the best collections that were seen. However, on each catwalk there are some key pieces that, due to their silhouette, materials, colors or designs, are very interesting proposals. With the help of our experts, we chose the ones we liked the most from Bogotá Fashion Week 2022.

Photos: Camera Lucida for the BFW.

Bogotá has just experienced its Fashion Week with great success. It was his return to the presence that had been so long awaited. The opportunity for the city's fashion to be shown, get good business, make relationships and move the industry. Something we are all waiting for!

With the help of our fashion experts, we were present on all the catwalks that were presented at Bogotá Fashion Week and we chose those key pieces from each proposal that captivated us for their design, use of materials, silhouettes, print or color. This is our selection.