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2022 is already ending, a very important year for the fashion industry that has been recovering after 2 years of pandemic, and in which we witnessed how sustainable fashion gained ground. But what awaits us in 2023 ? At Comertex we will show you an overview of what awaits us.

Fashion in figures for 2023

This 2022 was an excellent year for the textile sector , as it has achieved figures that have not been seen since before the pandemic and at the same time, it has been increasing its sales and production, worldwide it had a growth of 5.3%, according to the firm. market research, Euromonitor. However, in 2023 lower figures are expected compared to the current year, since a percentage of 3.2% is estimated in 2023. Other factors that may affect clothing prices and consequently sales are also of concern, such as global inflation, a possible recession and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia that have made it difficult to transport raw materials for clothing production .

Despite the figures, there are very high expectations in countries like Italy, which are expected to have significant growth in their figures by 2023 and likewise in Colombia, since according to Inexmoda, it is expected that by the end of 2022 the fashion system will obtain more of 30 billion pesos with an increase in sales of 9%.

Fashion Week and the previews they left us with for next year

Last October, fashion shows were held in Paris, London, Milan and New York where the most important fashion houses in the world shared their Spring Summer 2023 collections where a wide variety of garments could be noticed.

The female silhouette leads in 2023 : For next year, it is expected that the silhouettes will continue to be protagonists, where transparencies in dresses and blouses stand out in particular, as well as hip-length pants and mini garments . Transparencies don't just stay on blouses and dresses , in fact they take center stage on pants . The 2000s return : Mini skirts , navels and other garments popular in the 2000s are expected to return to the closets, brands such as Fendi and Prada have presented these garments in their collections that marked an entire generation, as well as the bag. miu miu returns to the shelves. Sequins shine again : Shiny dresses shine again on the catwalks, important fashion houses such as Carolina Herrera , where they have presented dresses with sequins , in the same way we have been able to see them in blouses such as in Nensi Dojaka , in golden dresses from Gucci and even in skirts from the Valentino house. The inevitable prints : These garments continue to be the favorites of the big fashion houses and the general public. They can be seen especially in dresses and skirts, especially floral motif prints , just as they have been presented by Balmain , Dries Van Noten and Chanel . Denim does not go out of style : Denim is a must-have fabric in our closets and in 2023 it will be no exception. Diesel has made this fabric official as its personal seal and has presented us with a collection where Denim is the protagonist, but at the same time they go out of the comfort zone and we can see it in garments with quite peculiar textures and silhouettes and it is shown as a more sophisticated material that is not limited to Streetstyle .

And what about sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion has had a significant year in 2022, as more clothing manufacturers join the task of reducing their environmental impact when making their products, such as not using some fibers or chemicals, directing consumption towards second-hand garments , slow fashion and the reuse of recyclable material.

Sustainable fashion is not only exclusive for entrepreneurs, in fact large fashion houses are making important advances in this initiative of more environmentally responsible fashion, such is the case of Zara or Balenciaga , which recently launched a clothing line. second-hand, the use of sports fabrics from brands such as Scalpers or Benetton and likewise the use of scraps from previous collections for their current collections. By 2023 there will be important events that will seek to promote sustainable fashion on a large scale, such as the Tokyo 2023 Sustainable Fashion Exhibition in which companies from around the world will present their advances in sustainable fashion, whether in collections, recyclable materials, reuse of raw materials, etc. Also next year, the Global Change Award will be held, an initiative organized by the H&M Foundation that will reward and finance projects that help the fashion industry become more sustainable. Among the incentives are training for clothing makers, access to the industry and investors interested in these initiatives. Fashion houses also continue to advance in being more eco-friendly, for example the Colombian company Desigual will reach 70% sustainability in its 2023 collections, this being a very important advance for Colombian fashion , Balenciaga continues to change the concept of fashion by present garments that last longer over time. The advances in sustainable fashion continue to have more and more echo and 2023 will be a very special year, since recently in Europe the great pact of sustainable fashion was approved in Valencia Spain, where they intend to revolutionize the fashion industry by inviting large companies of the textile sector to implement concrete actions in their production processes that can be measurable and easy to apply. In conclusion, 2023 will be an important year for the fashion industry, good sales numbers are expected, this despite the global economic crisis, we will see the arrival and return of fashion trends and of course, the industry will will continue to adapt to be environmentally friendly. At Comertex you find the best fabrics for your collections, receive personalized advice through our WhatsApp at 314-41130-65 or see our catalog at www.comertex.co