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TRU, the Colombian brand that knows how to take care of you

TRU, la marca colombiana que sabe cómo cuidarte

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2022 is the year in which we are relaunching our TRU brand of finished products with a view to reinforcing our great brand promise of giving quality of life and well-being to Colombians, through our home products. The name TRU is born from that Colombianness that makes us feel proud of who we are and that, appealing to a foreignness of those that we appropriate in a very particular way, we speak of a brand that is ready to settle in everyone's hearts. COMERTEX, parent company of TRU, wants to reach all Colombian homes with very good quality products, which generate trust and recognition. Our company has always been a leader in the marketing of textile products for small and medium-sized clothing manufacturers, supporting them in all their processes, and with this brand of finished products, we complement a portfolio that guarantees that great promise of value that our company provides: accompanying entrepreneurs. throughout the process of manufacturing its different products, from raw materials to the final product, and now reaching the end customer to cover the market need.

A story of trust

TRU leverages the know-how and recognition in the national textile sector of its umbrella brand COMERTEX and in turn of the OBA Business Group, who for more than 40 years have been references of tradition, quality and reliability in Colombia. Last year, the OBA Group decided that it was the perfect time to reinvigorate TRU as its home, institutional and workwear brand, seeking not only to expand its portfolio, but also to welcome a market that seeks us out thanks to that empathy. and well-being that we generate with the consumer.

Social sustainability

TRU is a brand that, despite being young and going through this relaunch, has all the experience in the market thanks to the support of a company from Santander with more than 40 years of history. We also know the importance of having a corporate responsibility that supports it and we have an entire chain of social sustainability in which we are not only a Colombian brand, but we help generate many direct and indirect jobs, in a safe, fair and very reliable.